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* Pool area* closed Monday - Thursday from 12:00p.m.-1:00p.m.


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The first meeting for proposed Northern Costilla County Metropolitan District was held March 25, 1980. community members present were advised that they would need to distribute a petition in order to form a recreation district. After discussion and questions regarding formation of a recreation district, signatures of the members present were asked for, and it was decided that the 15% of registered voters needed were present. Original Board of Directors were:


Director District #1- Harry Eumont


Director District #2- Eugene Medina


Director District #3- Frank Martinez


Director District #4- Judy Roybal


Director District #5- Mary Sanchez


The Board Of Directors formed a Metropolitan Recreation District. The property wheren the community center is located, was donated by the Griffith family who were owners of the Blanca Trinchera Ranch. After approximately one and a half years of meetings between Board members and the community people, the Blanca/ Ft. Garland Community Center was opened for business on December 13, 1981.

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